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After The Football Practice

This is the sixth of my backtrack series. Originally posted March 21, 2010 17:59.
Here I share a depiction of a scene six months ago from the original posting time. I was inclined to football, yes, even before the Azkals became popular. This post is a dedication to my ex girlfriend who still, even with my biases to boys, does not fail me from getting turned on whenever I think about her.

(I managed to name myself throughout. Last semester on our school's football field.)

The ball went on a highly vertical trajectory but nevertheless, with Joe's help, Maxwell was able to send it straight to the net, enough to conclude their practice.

Allia was waiting at the other side of the metal fences. She gave Maxwell and Joe a fisting movement which resembled a double time call.

"Hurry up guys!" she called over from the metal gates of the pitch.

Maxwell decided to get something from his locker, so Joe was left alone to go to Allia. He still feels awkward whenever the two of them are left alone.

"You did not seem to be on the mood," Allia commented.

Joe expected to be told as such -- her comments have lately contained the same thought. He cannot blame her: he has been having the weirdest of dreams which has affected not only his sleep but his emotional connections as well.

"The high kick?" he simply sidetracked. "It was meant for Austria."

Allia smiled and said, "Electronics giving you a hard time again?"

"Yeah, it gets a little challenging everyday, now that the first exams are nearing," he said while wiping his body of excessive fluids.

Out of the blue, Allia took his free hand and pulled him over the benches on the other side of the fence.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

Joe got over the concerned tone. He did not want to take it as seductive, he just convinced himself that his hormones are normally working since he just spent some time to a strenuous game.


"Yes I am," he said in a vibrating note.

"Did you know that, I like your tactics?" she continued.


Joe was getting nearer to a conclusion. But he cannot let it happen. He looks wasted...

"Of course. I have been playing for quite a while, what are you up to?"

"I like seeing you there," pointing at the field, "doing all your stuff," she said.

To Joe, the moment was not the right time to get lauded.

"Really? Why is it?" he tried to divert the topic of the conversation. But he knew it was a wrong follow up when Allia replied,

"It makes you cuter. It makes me like you more."

He forced himself not to, but it was not him; It was something inside him that urged him to kiss her. His blood was rushing elsewhere.

It was with great internal struggle that led him off to a stop. Allia looked surprised.

"Sorry, I could not help..."

"No, it was fine," and she looked half-embarrassed.

He realized that the eye contact made it happen. He avoided looking at her directly while they were talking it out.

"Anyway, looks like Max is coming," he said, while his brain removed him from the world, that he wanted Max to disappear and let them alone until it was settled, until his needs were completely satisfied?

No. It should not happen. It must not happen.

"I will be off," he said, taking his bag and running away from the bench, leaving Allia confused.

** hindi ko alam kung tama ba na hinalikan ko siya. urge? ewan ko ba. para lang kasing hindi ko parin matanggap na casual lang yun masyado, and the sex that could have happened after would be termed casual too, right? masama ba na paligayahin mo ang sarili mo? o mas masama ba ang sasabihin ng ibang tao?

i guess si Allia ang isa sa mga rason kung bakit hindi ako nag-enroll this semester.

and another thing is sure, that I won't pull up a conversation with a girl after a heavy muscle work.

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