6.25.2011 | 11:00

Well Comes March

This is the second of my backtrack series. Originally posted March 1, 2010 10:51.
Here we recollect and I admit on falling inlove easily.


Starting this month right, good morning!

I love this day. Earlier today, around 1-3 am, I was able to establish a chat with this one person. I didn’t know this one, but gave me a very good compliment to work on using my online pictures. Told me that I looked hot and had nice abs. (one of my PR photos)

Well, as usual, who wouldn’t feel elated with such?

I, feeling gratified, gave a run-off and a simple thank you. But you know, I didn’t think that it would grow into a conversation. I made that person laugh, we even exchanged a few good notes and I just can’t help having a good insight. It became inspirational and I don’t know why. KINIKILIG AKO!!!!

I’m so thinking: when would be the next time we’ll have a chat? Am I falling in love? Or am I just happy to have another good chat again? Hopefully, I’ll know this person in the future. I want to push a meet-up!



  1. eh ano nanyari nagmeet kayo????

    haayyyzz ako din sa tuwing me nakakachat ako kinikilig din.. lalo na kapag lalakeeeee... lalo na last year 3 nakachat kong nagpakilig sa buhay ko pero yun nga lang... hanggang online lang talaga... pero happy kasi 2 sa kanila nakausap ko sa fone... hehehe

    kaloka tlaga ang buhay online.... wala lang...

  2. positive vibe hanggang huli green! hihi!

  3. may gnun? hehe! have FUN!

  4. We'll wait for the conclusion of this entry. Hehehe.

  5. madalas ganyan ang pakiramdam pag may nami-meet ka online.. taas ng kilig factor.

    but when the two of you decided to meet, dun mo malalaman na iba pala talaga ang feeling pag kausap mo ang isang tao online kesa sa personal.

    kaya goodluck! :)

  6. hahaha remembering those days...kinilig ako sa kwento, i can hardly wait for the continuation...

  7. Feel na feel ko ang kilig mo sa post na itoh. :D Aabangan ko ang next na post teh. Hihi.

  8. Once and for all, those days are over. But reminiscing them is something we cannot take for granted.

  9. aabangan ko ang next part :)

  10. nabitin ako...wala rin namang info sa kabila green. :P

  11. hmmmmmmm.... kilig ito ah...



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