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Pro- Gloria

This is the fourth of my backtrack series. Originally posted June 29, 2010 16:10.
However dirty politics is, I still try my best to participate in political ramblings (like the elections). As a youth of this country, I must have my stand. Here we recollect my biases to the most unpopular president of the Philippines, EXPGMA.


i am. i always wondered how i became one but i know i really am a pro-Gloria.

just to sidetrack from my usual topics, i’ll get a little socially concerned.

i can assess myself as such because whenever there are negative publicities, i still try to think of her positive works which had a boosting effect for the country.

i think it is a great achievement that we were able to survive the global financial crisis despite our being in the middle-class economy list not to mention the submerging poverty levels in our country. let us take the American recession for the example. remember how we survived with not much effort? we almost lived like nothing is wrong since we still dine out on classy places, buy pleasuring materials and act as if we have all the money to spend in the world. only a strong economy will have lead us to such firm grounding.

i won’t keep this long but to cap it off, there was change in the system and it worked for the country. Gloria steps down gloriously tomorrow but the next thing she should hush up is the ex-opposition-now-administration’s plot to investigate on her negative issues.


  1. me point ka din... hmmm.. kahit ganun dami pa ding corrupt sa government...

    hayy Pilipinas...

  2. pro-gloria rin ako. hehe
    yeah i know she has a lot of nega issues pero saludo ako sa ilan sa mga nagawa niya.

  3. Pilipinas kailan ka kaya mag babago..hay!

  4. i don't know but i have always been pro-gloria,hehe

  5. Ayokong mag comment kasi kahit kelan di pa ako bumoto! :p

  6. I am a fan of GMA...subconsciously because I like Nora Aunor. How I wish that her gov't never got into various scandals...it could have been a different picture for the majority of Pinoys who still don't like her.

  7. no comment kasi baka mag-away lang tau..:P


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