6.21.2011 | 12:27

Iskul Bukol

In a few weeks' time, I'd be off to low. You know, school stuff. I need to take care of my requirements for graduation. I have a lot; It's my fault that I didn't make the necessary arrangements prior to this.

For the mean time, I would have Timed Future Posts -- a series of blog posts that I made on my previous Bloggers, Wordpresses, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Freindster Blog and Tabulas -- all about random school stuff to remind me of the different things and sacrifices that I have gone past for the last 5 years.

It is boring (like, I KNOW!) but it is just some sort of retrospection. It comprises part of the happiest years of my life and I hope that if someone reads it, they will learn something about me, at the least, if not about life and priceless school lessons.


  1. Wow.. andaming blogs. :) And graduation? Good luck and congrats!! :)

  2. green_breaker6/21/11, 1:17 PM

    Thanks Ate Leah.

    Btw, yung mga blogs na yun eh di ko na nagalaw. But the URLs are still there.

  3. wow ang daming blogs ah... pati tabulas meron din lols... hahaah... anyway good luck sa studies.. sana tuloy tuloy na yan para makaakyat na ng stage... ehehehe.. Good Luck.. abangan ko yung mga iba mong entry from other blogs lalo na nung napasok ka hehehehe :D wala lang.. nakikiusyoso hahahaah :P

  4. thanks eg. :)

    salamat din for looking forward to it. :)

  5. Goodluck sa studies mo bro. We will be very happy to hear your school stories as well. Hehehe.

  6. bongga!! ang may madaming blogs.. hehe! at ang malapit ng maka graduate.. GOOD LUCK!

  7. gow gow gow...

    i-achieve na ang graduation na yan,,
    good luck sa'yo!!

    happy happy sa lahat!!

  8. nakakamiss. enjoy mo lang ang few remaining days before graduation. youll be missing it for the rest of your life!!!

    gratulere fra meg her i Norge!

  9. Mugen: Thanks bro. Astig tayo ah. Hihi

    Mommy Razznie: Salamat po ng marami.. I will not wait for good luck, I will seek it! :D

    ceiboh: Tuhmuh! (malanding version ng tama) thanks. :)

    Ron: du har rett. takk sa mye.

  10. ang dami mo naman blog!ang toxic nyan a!!!

    congrats pala on ur graduation

  11. Mac: Uhm, di naman ganun ka-toxic, kasi kaya ako gumagawa ng bago nakalimutan ko na yung mga password. lalo na sa Blogger, wala pa kasing Google Accounts nun..

    Salamat! :)

  12. good luck bespren! this is it! :)

  13. goodluck GB!

  14. happy for you green breaker! I'm excited with all your posts! I want to get to know you more because we're both (used to be) Engineering students, so I want to compare! hihi!!!

  15. congrats sa graduation!

  16. Lupit mo. Ako nga isang blog lang di ko pa ma update. Saludo ako sa yo.

  17. bespren,Bien and Sean: salamat!

    Wilberchie: nyahaha. nakakahiya naman. baka masyado kang mag-expect. may kahinaan din ako. malalaman mo rin kung ano, sa next post.

    houseboi: nyaha, ito na lang ang mine-maintain ko. :D

  18. grats green!paalala yung plant design! :D
    anyhow take care last 17 weeks nalang (16 nalang pala :D)


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