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How Is Your Antiquity?

This is the first of my backtrack series. Originally posted July 4, 2006 15:37.
Here we recollect how I hated my Achilles heel, the Engineering Drawing Subject.


In fact, if it be the very scale for placing humans in a certain heirarchy, I think I can be at the bottom of that.

Professor in ES 100: Okay, row 1, submit your plates. I want to check them now. 
I'm a member of that row, and I was the first one to get to his table.
Professor in ES 100: Turn it to page 1-5.
Me: Sir, here it is.
He looks at the work in a way that would make me think of him coming up with an impossible, unbelievable judgment.
Professor in ES 100: A milimeter blot, a wrong curve, and, did I tell you slant Gothic letters? It was straight Gothic! Look at your guidelines, they are too thick. Practice lettering.
He places his signature on the work and grades 40 in it.

What the--? A 40? I spent two hours of the night for that single plate and a 40 'deserved' my work? Im not from the ancient time! How is a civilized work for a 40?


  1. hehe! sad naman.. try your best nxt time.

  2. :(

    may next time naman,, for sure, bawu bawu tayo dun..

  3. jusko ko po 40???

    ang sad... higpit ni prof ah... kampo ata siya ni bin laden lol

  4. Naalala ko tuloy yung prof ko sa drafting na mahilig mag bigay ng 65. (65 = fail)

  5. wow harsh. i kinda got used to profs like that. i thrive in a very critical environment. haha.

  6. ay alam na alam ko na makakakuha ako ng 0 kapag ako yan. haha pasmado ako e. :p

  7. For a grade conscious like you, it must have been depressing hahaha.freshman year right? so what grade did he give you at the end of the sem?

  8. bad prof.that would be all...

  9. not a good result, tsskkk tskkk....

  10. Memories!!! Yes!

    I love engg drawing because of my prof. She's cool! hihi!

    Millimeter blot??? Goodness!!! Good thing my prof is lenient with the letterings!

  11. gumagawa din pala kayo ng mga plates.. naranasan ko yan dati nung HS isometric view pa. *am i making any sense here? haha!*

    na astigan tuloy ako sa ngayon.. parang gusto ko makita yung mga gawa mo tas makikita mo sa mata ko ang paglaki, pag bilog ata paghanga nito.. yan ang nararamdaman ko ngayon..haha!

    aral mabuti bunso!

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