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The Twigs of Fear

To admit, the survival of a decade-long terrorism plan laid out by the group Al-Qaeda formerly led by now deceased Osama bin Laden is one of the biggest opposition twigs that brought out fear all over the world.

According to Maria Ressa, CNN Jakarta Bureau Chief and former ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs Head, after the worldwide siege for the members of the Al-Qaeda and this organization’s squirmy tentacles such as the Jemaah Islamiyah, all possible forms of communication between these networks have been narrowly traced. Ergo, to avoid further eavesdropping, the system has been reduced to a human courier form of messaging. A detailed analysis of this methodology has been printed in her book, Seeds of Terror.

Such a downfall of communication equals an infection of major attacks.
This is the reason why, as compared to more than ten years ago, there have been no solid terror installations across the globe from AQ. The futile attempts to distraction have been carried out by their internetwork members such as the Southeast Asian leg Jemaah Islamiyah, but none of these have been fruitful enough to spread mass panic in the second decade of the 21st century.

It is still in question though, if Abu Sayyaff is inside AQ’s protected circle but the caution implored by our government to this group is nevertheless extravagant. However, to ensure that the United States has a hand on all of these terrorist groups, it has never failed to send out a “secret mission team” which of course is publicized by the partnership of the US Army and the Armed Forces of the Philippines as the Balikatan Exercises.

Terrorism countermeasure is a serious matter which involves careful and sufficient eradication from the government. Aside from the fact that a weak protection from the Army and the Police will spring more of these twigs of fear, the citizens can also play a big part in eliminating the masked figures of trepidation. Constant vigilance is the only contribution that we have against these social horrors.

As this is all about the twigs of fear, we now boil down to the vital part: its identification. All groups threatening the peace of our living are suspected to grow from the seeds of terror.

On Maria Ressa’s book though, there is a serious blow on the effects of religion to the ability to justifiably carry out crooked ideals.

This is more than just the terrorism itself, but on the adverse complexities between the Catholic and the Muslim faith. In as much as I would like to remove this from the topic, its recurrence is inevitable like the rising of the sun. I disclaim the presence of judgment. I do not judge because the people on those faiths that I know are different from those who lead the terrorism and the counterterrorism.

In the end of all these speculations, there is one thing that we wish to attain: Peace. In the future years there might be renewal of setbacks but one thing is still evident, and it is that the flame of the human spirit is still more powerful than the bashes of high caliber machines. Terrorism is a waning cycle, and acts against it are moving closer to the greater finality of this soft war.

If permitted, this post is to be continued.

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