4.14.2011 | 22:15

This Road

Is none but dark, tricky, and a difficult one to follow.

We knew at the beginning of this that it will not work unless we try to compromise. Having this kind of relationship is almost one-of-a-kind: it is not often shared (but not unheard of) and it is subjectively contradicting to the norms of our society. More often than not, the choice of leading This Road is more elaborate than a French fine dining menu, or than the preparations for a Royal Wedding.

This Road indicates a gloomy present such that it is always foreboding an unpredictable life span. Even skeptics would believe that this is as unstable as a building supported by one pillar.

However, I found a certain kind of peace in This Road and even if painstakingly, I try to resist the forces which take me to the bunker. But, it's shaking is more real than the fight that I was putting up against the insecurities. I nearly had no time to pull myself together because I already acted on a foolish instinct of guarding myself from the one who took me to This Road.

I was deliberating on the perks of the Other Road, a brighter and familiar choice. Yes, there would be no need to hide. It could be legal for all I want. But, is it really what my heart goes for as of this moment?

You would never believe the time gap between the paragraph before this and this statement. I'm in transit to lonelier thoughts and I just need a quick break but I'm still hoping to get things tended in the soonest possible time. I'm clinging to This Road, and no matter what happens, I still love him.

I guess that is just what matters right now.


  1. *Pats green's shoulder* kaya mo yan =D

  2. be hapi na lang po.... heheh :D

  3. @egG.: i am.. pero ang hirap maging happy pag may misunderstanding.. ayun. pero thanks parin.. :)

  4. basta ba masaya ka sa road na yan e... go lang! :)

  5. @skele: salamat.. mejo ok na kami ngayon..

  6. bumack track!! compromise! that's the only thing angel can't give.


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