4.21.2011 | 20:46

Random Cute Guy Find 2

Just to preempt myself of all the fasting around, I'd better not post something dramatic and nerve-wracking. Oh well, I can't really promise to cut on my quest to look out for random Pinoy guys, not the ordinary ones, but the ones which keep me sleepless for around five minutes. LOL

Enjoy you Holy Week!

Pinoy pala noh? haha. sorry. Pero Fil-Am naman ata.


  1. teh mukha siyang di pinoy... banyagang banyaga ang dating oh.... hahahaha... :D pero di ako nakukyutan siguro di ko lang type lol hahaha

  2. teh nawala kasi yung iba kong pics niya.. eto lang ang natira pero may dugo yan. may pics niya ako na hindi siya kanong-kano.

  3. di ko type koya, hampanget ng hubog sana nagshirt nalang :P

  4. @kiro: wahaha, sorry naman! i'll try to look for a Labor Day treat. :)

  5. gusto ko mga ganyang look. parang nananapak sa kama. hehe

  6. @kalansay: brutal ka. hahaha!


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