4.18.2011 | 23:26

Needs Improvement

Howdy! Maraming salamat po sa mga nag-follow sakin bago ang lahat. Nakakatuwa lang..

Anyway, apparently there's still drama in between me and him and it's getting to my nerves: see, I hate drama in a relationship. As much as possible I want it strain, stress and worry-free.

After several attempts in deciphering his being dodgy to my calls and texts and meet-ups, I was finally able to extract an answer from whatever he was aching about.

I changed his name on my phone to his real name because I was not feeling good with the way he was talking to me lately.

So, is this it? He's jealous with the people who text and call me? We made a deal a couple of days back and I ASSURED him that I won't be replying to these SMSs or answer these calls.

We met up earlier and he was playing Angry Birds on my phone. Then some devil called. bullshit
He told me to answer Mr. caller. I obediently did so. I intently placed it on loudspeaker so that I won't be repeating whatever the convo was all about.

Then, I'd be receiving this message from him. FUCK.

He was able to read a message, (sorry got no screenshot for this, I'm too lazy to do it now):
"Punta ka d2 sa pLace ko."
I asked him if he read something, he said he didn't.

Only to be pestered with this issue on the dead of the night.


  1. ay anu ba yan... siguro ano... siguro di nyo pa kilala ang isa't isa...

    wala lang po.. napacomment lang po.. :)

  2. @egG.: siya ang nagmadali sa relationship namin.. kaya siguro tama ka..

  3. hi makikisawsaw lang sa issue hihi.

    kung minsan madalas talaga pag awayan ang Cp kaya better not to entertain any calls or text na lang if it comes from a not so important person para walang away at gulo :)

  4. @PluripotentNurse: salamat sa advice. too late though, it already ended. :)

  5. @Viktor:
    he's the one whos got issues. hai. sige na nga, di naman dapat magmalinis. pero hindi ba nakakainis ung ginagawa niya?


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