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I am green_breaker from Planet Romeo. I am one of those guys who go divert to what is usual and common.

This is my revelation. This is my breaking. This is my new cyberspace.

It took me five times or over before I actually settled for this blog. And here it is. I won't be your usual Soltero nor have I Call Center Confidentials nor a Just for Trips story to tell. I'm just sharing everything and anything that I want to tell from now on. No pretensions. From Math to a sexperience to a review.


  1. Welcome papi. btw, hindi ako yung nasa picture. madidisappoint ka lang kapag nakita mo ko sa personal. :)

  2. salamat Despe. yan shortcut nlng. imba yung DH eh. btw ayos lang yan, sorry di ko nmn alam eh..

  3. if my memory serves me right, we've chat before sa pr.
    I can't check it anymore since la na ko pr.

    oh well.

    Looking forward to enjoy your entries.

  4. @Viktor::
    hhmmm.. slowly I'm gaining interest on you na talaga. haha. una, pag-comment sa mga lumang posts. then now, nagka-chat na pla tayo...

    can you send me a message there?


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